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Living environments. Real beauty. Rendered in seconds.

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Fast 3D rendering software for architects

Rendering was once a slow and tedious process. With Lumion, everything’s better. As an all-in-one architectural rendering solution, Lumion allows architects to visualize CAD models in a video or image with real-life environments and striking artistic flair.

Whether you model in Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Rhino, AutoCAD and 3ds Max, among others, Lumion instantly breathes life into your designs with realistic landscapes and urban context, stylish effects, and thousands of objects and materials from the content library.

No training required, and after just 15 minutes, you can learn to create jaw-dropping images, videos and 360 panoramas (including VR) with lightning-fast speeds.

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How does Lumion work?

Import your model, build a scene in Lumion with tools for modifying the environment or adding objects and materials. Change the model in your modeling software, re-import it into Lumion and continue from where you left off. Turn on LiveSync for simultaneous, real-time modeling and rendering.


Build your scene in less than an hour, render a video in minutes, and create high-quality images in seconds.

Why architects love Lumion

More time to design, less time waiting on renders. Lumion empowers residential and commercial architects, interior designers and landscape architects to create engaging images in seconds, and videos in minutes.

Fast everything

Beautiful renders

Do-it-yourself rendering

From adding thousands of trees and texturing buildings to rendering a poster-size, high-resolution image, everything in Lumion enables faster workflows than any other rendering or visualization program out there.

With features, effects and tools to create photorealistic and conceptual results, Lumion produces high-resolution images, videos and 360 panoramas that are ideal for client presentation meetings, architectural marketing and more.

No 3D rendering experience? Perfect! Lumion helps anyone create videos, images and panoramas without any prior training.

Complete context building

Accomplish more

See your 3D model in the context of the real world. With thousands of high-quality objects and stunning, realistic materials in the Lumion library, you can build the context your project needs in record time.

From real-time rendering with LiveSync to creating static VR-ready images, Lumion visualization software fits perfectly into your existing workflows. In addition to streamlining your project renderings, you may just find that you can accomplish more with Lumion.

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Architects and designers in over 100 countries. 67 of the top 100 architecture firms in the world.

 * Based on the Top 100 World Architects counted in January 2018

See why Lumion is the world’s favorite rendering solution.

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