10 amazing new video tutorials for better, faster rendering in Lumion 9 (part 1)

Dec 10, 2018 | Lumion, Uncategorized

Learn helpful tips and tricks to quicken your rendering workflows, and pull the most power out of Lumion for heightening the beauty and effectiveness of your renders.

Whether you’re a new user or you’ve been around since Lumion 1, you can improve your rendering processes with 10 new video tutorials covering everything from importing a 3D model to animating objects. You can look at them as the A to Z of Lumion functionality. New users will be given the complete Lumion walkthrough, and existing users will undoubtedly find some new tips and tricks.

Below, you can find the 10 new tutorials available on our YouTube channel, where there are heaps of other tutorials, beautiful rendered videos and more!

Lesson 1 — Getting Started and Importing a Model

In the first video lesson, you’ll learn how to navigate the new, speed-focused interface and instantly import your 3D model from your favorite modeling software.

Lesson 2 — Adding Objects

In Lumion 9 Pro, you can complete your scenes with over 5,000 objects in the content library, including trees, cars, decorations for interiors and exteriors, people and so much more! In Lesson 2, you’ll learn about the content library and how it can help you quickly and effectively create full environments and interiors.

Lesson 3 — Applying and Modifying Materials

Beautiful materials have the ability to transform bland 3D models into realistic, stunning buildings and structures. In Lesson 3, you’ll learn everything you need to know to effectively, and efficiently, apply and modify Lumion materials.

Lesson 4 — Creating Context

Context is crucial when communicating the intent of your designs. In Lesson 4, you’ll learn how you can quickly and effectively create beautiful context around your 3D designs. From urban centers to enthralling forests, you’ll be creating jaw-dropping context in no time!

Lesson 5 — Modifying the Weather

To truly capture your 3D project in its best possible light, then you need to know how to effectively modify the weather conditions in Lumion. In Lesson 5, you’ll learn how to quickly change the weather in Lumion to get the ideal environment for your design.

To continue with the 10-part Lumion lessons series, including videos tutorials on images, movies, panoramas, lights and animating objects, head over to part 2.