10 amazing new video tutorials for better, faster rendering in Lumion 9 (part 2)

Dec 10, 2018 | Lumion, Uncategorized

To access the first five videos of the 10-part Lumion 9 tutorial series, including rendering lessons about objects, materials, context and weather, make sure to check out Part 1.

Lesson 6 — Creating Images

Lesson 6 demonstrates how to create absolutely breathtaking images in Photo Mode. Whether realistic or conceptual, creating amazing images of your 3D project requires just a few steps and can be done in minutes!

Lesson 7 — Creating Movies

Ever wanted to sit in the director’s chair? In Lesson 7, you’ll learn how quick and easy it is to create cinematic, fully amazing animations. Capture the hearts and minds of your audience, and discover the impact that animated renders can have on your clients!

Lesson 8 — Creating 360 Panoramic Images

Immerse yourself into the beauty of your 3D projects. In Lesson 8, you’ll learn how to create outstanding panoramic images right in Lumion. Whether for the Oculus Go, HTC Vive, you can quickly create 360° images and transport your clients to the heart of your designs.

Lesson 9 — Using Lights

Shadows, Hyperlight, Sky Light, oh my! In Lesson 9, you’ll learn how to quickly create light objects and use lighting features and effects to capture the real beauty of your 3D project.

Lesson 10 — Animating Objects

Truly bring some life and energy into your Lumion 9 videos! In Lesson 10, you’ll discover how to animate objects in your Lumion scene, including cars, people, birds, the sun, doors opening, and clouds.

Capture the beauty of your design, without losing a second of your time

With the right guidance, mastering Lumion doesn’t require too much time, and these 10 lessons can be applied to whatever project you might be working on, from residential to interiors to landscapes and more.

Looking to add Lumion 9 to your architectural and design workflows? If so, you can upgrade to Lumion 9 or buy a new license here.