61 of the WA Top 100 Architect firms are using Lumion

Mar 1, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

Visualization has become a standard part of an Architect’s design process

Each year Building Design publishes its list of the Top 100 World Architects, better known as the WA Top 100. It’s an overview of the world’s biggest architectural firms. Since the introduction of Lumion in 2010 the number of architectural firms using Lumion has been rapidly growing worldwide.

As of January 2016, 61 of the WA Top 100 are using Lumion.

This is one more sign that a change is taking place in the worldwide architectural industry. Visualization has become a standard part of an architect’s design process. Architects at the biggest architectural firms in the world now create visualizations of their designs themselves. This allows them to improve their own design process, as well as to create vivid experiences for their clients. Lumion helps them to tell better stories, engage their clients and become better designers.

Modern architecture companies see visualization as an integral part of their design workflow. This is why Nikken Sekkei in Japan, number 3 on the list, decided to implement Lumion company-wide. Lumion has been made available to every single designer and architect within the company.

There is a clear change towards improved design through increased use of visualization, which is also taking place beyond the top 100 list. We can clearly see that this is an industry wide development. In the interviews shown below, Architects from a wide range of company sizes explain how visualization became part of their daily work.

Top 100 companies

In this short video interview Frank Chang from DLR Group, nr. 30 on the WA Top 100 list, explains how this new technology changes the way they design.

“Visualization is a step to make people believe
what they are buying”
 – Frank Chang, Designer DLR Group, Los Angeles

Written interview with Architects from HKS (nr 18) 

“When I first opened the program, I immediately got the same feeling I had years ago when we discovered SketchUp.” – Davis Chauviere Principal and Senior VP HKS, Inc.

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In these written interview with WATG (nr 97)

"The fact that Lumion can handle such large scenes is a big plus. There’s nothing out there that can do that.” – Tal Aisenberg Senior Landscape Architect

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Mid-sized architectural firms

Architectural firms who employ around 20 – 100 architects have also discovered that high quality DIY visualization technology enables them to change the way they design, now that beautiful still images are easily and quickly available to them. Flythrough videos and 360 panoramas of their design ideas were previously unrealistic aims. Now they can be created routinely as part of an Architect’s design workflow.

In this 2 minute video, the Principal and a Landscape Designer from Terrain Studio, an architectural firm from San Francisco with 50 employees, explain how Lumion helps them to tell better stories, engage their clients and become better designers:

"The ability to graphically communicate an idea
is a powerful thing”
  – Scott Slaney, Principal and Yijia Zhu, Landscape Designer Terrain Studio, San Francisco

Smaller architecture and design companies

The new way of using visualization in the design process is not only for the big guys, students and early adopters. Below are some examples of how smaller companies are using Lumion as a part of their visualization process.

Bellamy’s Ltd.
“Rendering used to be reserved for a few specialist jobs and making animations was completely unrealistic. Lumion changes all that.” –  Owner

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I-Echo Landscape Design
"Lumion is absolutely integral to our service offering.” – 

Marc Piechocki, Owner

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Chumleys Art
"With Lumion I feel I’m much more in control of my workflow” – 

Richard Childs, Designer and Artist

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Bryant Design Studios
"We are really happy we found Lumion because it helps us realise our vision by bringing projects to life.” – 

Michael Bryant, Owner 

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