Advanced Tip: How to animate a door in Lumion

Jul 12, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

In this tutorial you will learn how to animate a door so that it opens when the camera approaches it. 

This is a stylish feature to use in your fly-through films, when entering or leaving a room or building.

You need to begin by making some preparations in your 3D modeling software. We have used SketchUp for this example.


To animate a door, you need to move it so that the bottom hinge corner of the door is at 0,0,0 in your CAD software. Then save the door as a separate model.



Import the door as a separate model into Lumion, and place it at the desired location in relation to the rest of your model.



Animate the door using the Advanced Move effect in movie mode:

Movie mode -> New effect -> Objects tab -> Advanced Move effect

  1. Set a ‘keyframe’ right at the start of the movie clip, by selecting the rotate button and briefly rotating the door and then rotating it back to the start position.
  2. Move the timeline slider to the point in time when the door should start opening and briefly rotate the door as above, so that another keyframe is added to the animation (without actually changing the orientation of the door).
  3. Move the timeline slider to the point in time when the door should be fully open and rotate the door to set the third and final keyframe.

Above: Using Advanced Move option in Lumion – red bar is the slider on the timeline. 3 vertical lines on the timeline are ‘keyframes’. Notice that at the bottom left, the ‘rotate’ button is selected.