Capture a cozy feeling with 150+ new objects and materials in Lumion 9.5

Jun 25, 2019 | Lumion, Uncategorized

With the new library models and materials in Lumion 9.5, it’s now easier than ever to quickly create cozy, enthralling renders for exterior and interior designs.


Lumion 9.5 was released one week ago as a free update for all Lumion 9 and Lumion 9.3 users (including Lumion 9.0.2 and 9.3.1). In this update, you can find over 150+ new materials and models to help bring an attractive, familiar sense of nature into 3D designs. With these additions, Lumion’s ever-growing content library now contains over 5,300+ objects and 1,150+ HD materials.

For interior scenes, the new wood and brick materials and potted plants elicit a welcoming, home-sweet-home feeling. For exterior scenes, the new leafless trees, leafless shrubs, and forest objects create richly detailed, enchanting compositions.


No matter the type of scene you are creating, the new objects and materials in Lumion 9.5 can help furnish your designs with the right mood and connect with your audience on an intimate, emotional level.

In this blog post, we’ll go through the new materials and objects that you can find in Lumion 9.5 Pro. Click here for the complete release notes.

52 high-definition wood and brick materials

When it comes to infusing your designs with a feeling, whether that’s cozy, sophisticated, realistic or artful, the materials you choose will have a significant impact on how your audience interprets your design.

In Lumion 9.5, you can find 52 new materials that are perfect for re-creating a comfortable, home-like mood. Among these new materials, you can find:

16 wood floors

Lumion 9.5 came with a wide range of wood floor materials for interiors and exteriors, and you can find 15 of the new wood floors in the Indoor category and one of the new wood floors in the Outdoor category of the Material library.


12 bricks

Bricks are a great way to show the rugged beauty of interiors and exterior surfaces. Whether for an industrial look or something a little rustic and rural, you can find 12 new brick materials in the Material Library -> Outdoor -> Brick.

In the video below, you can explore the impact that brick materials can have on an interior. 

You can find the new brick materials here:


Three kinds of fine woods

With the three new fine wood materials, available in the Indoor and Outdoor wood categories, you can capture an exotic look with gorgeous textures that draw your audience into the rendered scene.


Fine Wood 22


Fine Wood 28


Fine Wood 16

Two cabin walls

Show off the exquisite beauty of cabins and other, woodsy buildings with the two new cabin wall materials, available in the Material Library -> Outdoor -> Wood.


WallCabin 002



Some of the other new materials in Lumion 9.5 that aren’t shown in this blog post include:

  • 3 medieval wall bricks
  • 2 steel floors
  • 8 wood planks
  • 4 worn wood planks
  • One wicker fabric

All of these materials are available in high resolution, and you can tweak them exactly to your liking with customization features such as ‘Weathering,’ ‘Glossiness,’ ‘Coloring,’ ‘Emissiveness,’ etc.

135 nature objects for interiors and exteriors

Location, location, location. The old adage continues to be as important as ever in the world of architectural rendering.

And in Lumion 9.5, the addition of 135 nature objects can help you infuse a familiar, natural feeling into your designs, tapping into a deeply rooted connection that people have with forests, trees, plants and more. Among these new objects, you can find:

14 leafless trees and shrubs (some Pro only)

Achieving that bare, wintery look requires season-specific objects. Now, with Lumion 9.5, you can create a scene reminiscent of winter with the new 14 leafless trees and shrubs.


You can find these trees and shrubs in the ‘Leafless tree’ category of the Nature object library.

96 types of forest wood (some Pro only)

Rendering an accurate, hyperrealistic forest scene takes a keen eye for the smallest of details. Now, in Lumion 9.5, you can quickly create beautiful, detail-rich forest scenes with the help of 96 new forest objects.


Example of some of the forest objects

These new objects are located in the ‘Forest wood’ category of the Nature object library, and among the 96 new objects, you can find:

  • Logs
  • Stumps
  • Punk woods
  • Twigs
  • And more

25 potted plants (some Pro only)

A cozy interior or exterior just wouldn’t be complete without potted plants, from larger cactuses as tall as a person, to the assortment of hanging and stand-up potted plants you’d find in any room of the house.


You can find the new potted plants in the ‘Decorations’ category of the indoor object library.


Invite nature into your designs with Lumion 9.5

The Lumion content library of materials and objects has always been a way to quickly create the environmental context necessary for communicating your designs in a complete, beautiful manner.

Now, with Lumion 9.5, you can enjoy new trees and forest objects to inject a sense of nature into your design. With new wood and brick materials, you can then create a cozy atmosphere. Discover what’s new in Lumion 9.5 with the free trial, available here: /free-trial.html

If you have Lumion 9.x but you haven’t updated your version yet, you can update your license by checking the Getting Started email in your inbox. Don’t see the Getting Started email?