From zero to hero in 2 hours!

Mar 23, 2017 | Lumion, Uncategorized

Take a look at this time-lapse recording of Gui Felix starting with just a picture in Sketchup and ending with a 3D model, complete Lumion scene and render, just 2 hours later!

Gui modeled everything in Sketchup, then loaded the model into Lumion and built the scene that brought it all to life. Check out the renders below, which were produced just 2 hours after starting the whole project.


Above: Night-time render made from the speed-built model


Above: A second render. This time showing the model in the daytime. 

It’s fascinating to see all the steps, with nothing missed, condensed into one 22 minute video. It powerfully demonstrates what can be achieved with Sketchup and Lumion in such a short timescale!