Inceptus Studio Dream Home Project, Visualized in Lumion

Jun 22, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

Inceptus Design recently had a challenge to design a dream home. CWelton Design helped with some excellent visualization work in Lumion.

“Mr and Mrs Perez were looking into having a “dream home” designed. One of the important design considerations was that they wanted the new home to accommodate both of their mothers. They also wanted a total space of 3,800 square feet! Their budget was $500,000.

I said I would create a design that met all of their needs and show them how huge 3,800 square feet is! I counselled the client that they could get everything they wanted with a much smaller area. I designed the house in two days, and took another two days to model it.

In order to meet that budget the home was designed to be completed in stages. In the design concept I presented, the glass elevator shaft beside the main entry would not be installed until the mothers were unable to go up and down the stairs and in the meantime the space would act as storage on both floors. The basement was designed so that both mothers would have identical spaces catering for living, cooking and pantry room. The design intent assumed that both mothers would never need to go upstairs and that every comfort would be available to them in their

basement accommodation.
The main floor was designed as entirely public. Everything on that floor was arranged with the intention of entertaining guests and hosting large events for family and friends. All of the private spaces would be upstairs on the second floor.

Mr Perez also aims eventually to work from home. The office was designed to offer privacy for focus but not to be isolated. It was placed in such a way that Mr Perez can still be accessible, visible and near his children while he works above, as they play on the main floor below.

While it was my hope to show him how large 3,800 square feet is so he would realize he didn’t need that much space, I think it backfired on me. After he and his wife saw the visualization, they became even more convinced that they wanted 3,800 square feet!

Both Mr and Mrs Perez wanted a modern house which reflected their heritage. I did my best to incorporate flavors of their rich cultural heritage and the design aims to combine modern and traditional elements in a tasteful balance.”