Lumion project: Pride Street Pool

May 12, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

By Facet Design, Anglessa, Australia

About the project
Derek Weigall: “This modern, architectural home is located in a small town, on the south coast of Victoria, Australia, not far from Melbourne. The house is now several years old and the new owners wanted to bring some excitement to an otherwise bland garden.They plan to make some major improvements and a pool is at the top of their list. Other key elements of the design include a solitary, feature tree in a bed of graveland a raised deck which will provide a private area to relax, enjoy the sun, read a book and watch the children play. The pool has been designed to be child friendly with shallow areas, a seating ledge and a spa for summer entertaining. Laser cut corten panels will help define the space while also creating privacy from the rest of the garden.”

About Facet Design

Derek Weigall:
“I completed my studies in landscape architecture in 1985 and have worked invarious offices since. 15 years ago I started Facet Design and I try to incorporate 3D visualization into my projects where possible. 3D modelling has been a passion of mine for many years now. My first experience came in 1987 when I jumped from ink and tracing paper to McDonnell Douglas GDS CAD. Since then I have used various modelling and rendering programs. Now Sketchup Pro is my day to day modelling tool and when combined with Lumion provides a formidable partnership.Quality presentations can now be produced with ease and my clients are alwaysthrilled with the results Lumion brings.”