Lumion Projects: Residential Showreel

May 5, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

By Virtual Eyes Design, Charlotte, North Carolina

Erik Varvel runs his own design and visualization company called Virtual Eyes Design. He’s put together an impressive showreel of recent residential projects he’s been involved with, which is a mixture of exteriors and interiors. All were visualized using Lumion.

“The exterior views in the showreel combine a variety of homes. These range from options to help the client choose for a particular direction to roof renovations with Dutch colonial elements.

It becomes artistic for me as I utilize the effects in Lumion to add that extra oompff to a scene. To me it feels like painting or any other artistic endeavor.

The infinity pool is a fine example of me fooling around and testing things out. I love to create these worlds and make them feel as real as I can. For example the house with the major trellis work on the jungle scene overlooking the river was an experiment in shapes.

One of my very first interior projects is included. It involved a friend who wanted to expand her home but couldn’t “see” the design from floor plans and elevations, a common issue for many people wanting to have a home built. On another project there’s an image which uses a nice effect of sketch going into real render, also showing the existing condition changing into what the client was wanting to do to their home. This allows them to see if what they think they want to do is what they really want to do.

There’s also a rotating sketch blank space going into a finished design that I created for a contractor who wanted to appease the owner, when they saw their home in the early demolition stage and had a panic attack. It did the trick to put the owner at ease. I’ve also shown an animated fly around a cut house, which was a very effective way to showcase a floor plan to a client who wasn’t good at reading plans.”