Lumion computer advice for faster 3D rendering (Spring 2020 Update)

Want to get the most out of Lumion? Here are some examples of desktops, laptops and graphics cards for faster rendering and improved workflow efficiency.

BIM and Visualization

Many people in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry around the world are talking about BIM. In countries such as the UK, Italy, Korea and many others, there will be legal BIM requirements in effect from 2016 and many more countries have...

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How to get better results faster

Get impressive images and animations from Lumion with no prior training and within a couple of hours after you download it onto your computer. Making creative design easy Architectural firms are under constant pressure to deliver, communicate and revise their designs....

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The critical subject of Interoperability

No man is an island. That’s what John Donne wrote in a poem way back in the 16th century. You could write something similar about software for architecture in the 21st century. In these days of BIM, big data and connectedness, software packages need to work well with...

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The best hardware for Lumion

More and more architects are systematically using 3D visualization as an integral part of their design workflow. Successful projects and great visualization go hand in hand. Architects and designers have turned to Lumion for their visualization solution because of its...

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Finding the perfect balance between freedom and control

MyLumion, a new feature within Lumion, provides the opportunity to share your design fast and easily on phones, tablets and computers. It gives architects control and customers the freedom to step into a design and look around.   The business Architecture is a...

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Gaming technology in architecture

Act-3D was among the pioneers when it applied gaming technology to architectural visualization by developing Lumion. This trend has now been seized upon by the rest of the architectural software industry.Way back in 1998 Act-3D recognised that the future of...

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Monaco visualized with Lumion

The European city state Monaco uses Lumion to visualize their entire country.Different architects upload their models in order to fine tune this huge 3D database of more than 40 million polygons. The database is owned by the government and provides the government,...

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