Express the personality of interior designs with Lumion 11

From the way the light flows into a room, to the personality and atmosphere throughout a space, Lumion 11 makes it simple to express your unique vision of the project and bring it to life.

Interview with Montana Consulting and Design about BIM.

We have an excellent article about how Lumion relates to BIM. We interviewed Joe Sirilla & Nick Louloudis of Monta Consulting and Design to ask them several question like: How does visualization fit into the BIM processes? Both Joe and Nick are experienced with...

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Lumion 5.0 Now Available

Lumion 5 is now available. The movie in the article provides an excellent overview of what is new. Highlights include improved render performance, physically based materials, mass placement and new realistic, 3D scanned people. There is much more so make sure you...

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How fast rendering improves your workflow.

Fast is a relative term. If Lumion is fast, then what is it faster than? And is it fast enough? In this article, we look at how Lumion is faster than the alternative tools and methods that aim to render a high-quality visualizations of architectural designs.To put it...

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What is easy software?

The phrase ‘Lumion is easy’ gets thrown around but somehow seems inadequate in conveying the degree to which Lumion improves on other visualization software. Mostly because there are so many aspects to the phenomenon ‘easy’. Find out what is really meant when people...

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