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Step inside your design: 360 panoramas and VR presentations in Lumion 9

With a Lumion 360 panorama and a VR headset, you can step into your design and feel what it would be like to inhabit that space.

Photo-matching, drones and more!

See how Feature Graphics, an architectural visualization and schematic design firm based in Seattle, quickly photo-matches Lumion renders with scenes from around the city.Aerial photo-match of the Center Steps Apartments. Photograph taken with a drone and matched with...

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Step-by-step to quickly create this custom interior style

Expose the depth of your interiors. Help viewers feel the space. And discover how to create this stylish and effective interior render, without wasting a second.You’ve imported your 3D interior model into Lumion, added context and textured every facade and object,...

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All-Improved in Lumion 8.3: LiveSync for Revit

Get real with Revit! In the all-improved LiveSync for Revit in Lumion 8.3, you can model your Revit designs in the context of the real world.You may know LiveSync for Revit, but not like this.Since it came out in Lumion 7.3, LiveSync for Revit enabled real-time...

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New in Lumion 8.3: LiveSync for SketchUp

See your building while you build it in an environment that’s so realistic, it’s like you’re pushing and pulling real-life buildings into shape.New in Lumion 8.3, LiveSync for SketchUp creates a live, real-time link between your SketchUp model and Lumion’s beautiful,...

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Lumion computer advice for faster 3D rendering

Want to get the most out of Lumion? Here are some examples of desktops, laptops and graphics cards for faster rendering and improved workflow efficiency.Light green interior, rendered in Lumion 8 Pro. This image was rendered with a custom-built desktop computer with...

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Visualize your conceptual designs in Lumion 8

It’s the early days of a new-build, high-end residential project and you want to share your designs with the client.You’ve gone through a process of sketching on paper and modeling on the computer. You’re enthusiastic about the project’s strong, artful shape, but...

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The art of realistic textures: new materials in Lumion 8

A render can be worth a thousand words. When rendering images and animations, there’s no better way to tell the story of your design than through the materials you use. A rusty, Corten steel exterior sits atop a textured stone wall. Rendered in Lumion 8. Dressing your...

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Breathe life into your designs with new objects in Lumion 8

People, trees, sports cars. Beds, office supplies, lighting fixtures. Bring your model to life with thousands of objects in the Lumion 8 content library.Adding objects to a scene is the fastest and easiest way to infuse your render with personality, style and a...

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