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Step inside your design: 360 panoramas and VR presentations in Lumion 9

With a Lumion 360 panorama and a VR headset, you can step into your design and feel what it would be like to inhabit that space.

5 new tools for saving time and energy in Lumion 8

Less time spent rendering means that you’ll have more time to focus on perfecting your design. At its core, Lumion 8 is a serious upgrade when it comes to your render’s image quality and visual attractiveness. Features such as Sky Light and the Soft and Fine...

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Sketch, tilt and render: what’s possible in Lumion 8

Get clients to feel the spaces you designed with these 6 incredible new features in Lumion 8.With only the Styles button, Sky Light and the Soft and Fine Shadows features, you can give your designs a striking level of realism in a matter of seconds.However, there’s...

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Lumion 8 is Available Now: Discover What’s New

Beautiful Renders within Reach Lumion 8 is available now! Check out the release video above to discover how this latest version can help you create stunning renders in seconds.So, the question on everyone’s mind: what’s new in Lumion 8?The short version is this — in...

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Lumion 8 Teaser Video and Release Date Revealed

Mark it on your calendars! Lumion 8 will be released on November 6th, 2017. Curious about what you can expect? Take a close look at this teaser video made in Lumion 8. Anything strike you?Want a little more? Below you can see some of the first images rendered with the...

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