Polished Renders using Lumion Effects

Feb 16, 2017 | Lumion, Uncategorized

Applying effects to your renders is nothing short of essential. Effects make the difference between a sterile, unemotive render and one which knocks the socks off the onlooker. 

Adding effects can take a while because if you’re a perfectionist, you might like to tweak sliders until the materials, colors, reflections, shadows and everything else look perfect. Chris Welton has pulled together a really useful tutorial, which can help you get faster at applying effects by saving them and re-applying them. He shows you how to fit this into the way you build and manage your scenes with some seriously useful time-saving tips.

Above: Butterfly House Rendering: Produced by Chris Welton based on Larry Belk’s design

He made the beautiful animation above, based on a design by Larry Belk called “The Butterfly House” and explains in the tutorial below some of the effects he used and how he applied them. 

Above: Mastering Scene Management Tutorial by Chris Welton