Tip: Grass, glass and water

Sep 23, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

As an Architect you will perhaps be focused in your design process, on providing experiences to the eventual users of a space. But by definition, experiences are difficult to appreciate before they can be…well…experienced! Nevertheless, that’s what’s required if you’d like your stakeholders to feel good about their journey from


concept to project delivery.

Anything that helps you convey the atmosphere of a space is going to help you communicate the key experiential points of your design, well before even the first spade has broken ground on its construction.

Three visual jewels that can help you breathe that extra bit of emotion into a space are:

  • Grass
  • Glass
  • Water

Luckily, all three look amazing in Lumion and can really blast feeling and life into a scene and if ever it’s possible to incorporate them, it’s a good idea to do so.

If you haven’t had a chance to use these functions to good effect then look at these short tutorials to help you on your way!

The short tutorial

below shows how to turn your terrain into grass:

Lumion 6 has a trade-marked 3D glass-making engine called Pureglass. It’s a technology that sits in the Lumion materials library. It was developed by the Lumion team is therefore exclusive to Lumion. Recognising the power of glass, as an exceptional material in a design, was central to the development process of Pureglass

Below you can find out how to apply and adjust Lumion’s Pureglass materials.

You can use Pureglass presets….

…..or you can configure the glass yourself:

You can apply Lumion’s impressive water technology, either as a rectangular water plane like this…

…. or you can flood the whole scene below a specific height by adding an ocean like this:

The scenes shown in the tutorial videos above, show the basic functionality but making the tools work in your scene is the challenge for your own creative vision! If you manage to use these features, you will no doubt wow your audience with jaw-dropping results.