Tip: Save time by re-using your Lumion effects

Apr 27, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

This blog explains how you can save time by re-using your Lumion effect combinations.

In two short tutorials you will learn how to copy/paste your effect combinations within a project, as well as save them for use in other projects.

Getting your Lumion scene looking just the way you want it, can require time to select and then tweak the visual effects. This process is easy in Lumion, nevertheless you can make it even faster by re-using previous effects. Lumion allows you to copy/paste individual effects and combinations of effects (called effect stacks) for use in different images or animations. You can do this by either copy-pasting in a single project or by saving and loading between one Lumion project and another. This helps save even more time in achieving high quality images, movie clips or 360 panoramas.

To use your effects in a different place in the same project, you will need to copy and paste them. This will result in the same visual effects being applied to other movie clips or photos. Watch the short tutorial below to see how this is done.

The option is also available in Lumion to save your effects. They can then be used either in the same Lumion project or in other Lumion projects. You can do this for individual effects as well as combinations (effect stacks).  It is very simple to do. Watch the short tutorial below to find out how.

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