Performance and hardware

Is your computer fast enough for Lumion or not?


You can test your computer by running the benchmark in Lumion. The benchmark will tell you if the performance is too low, good enough or perfect for Lumion.


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Great! You Can Run Lumion

Get a better computer

Sometimes there might be another computer in your office that is good enough to run Lumion. View our guide to see which computer you need when you buy a new one.

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1. Upgrade graphics card


We have a video explaining which video card to pick.


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Some Laptops are equipped with two graphics cards. Make sure Lumion uses the fast card.

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2. Install the new card


This video shows how to install a new graphics card.


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3. Install the drivers


When you installed a new graphics card you need to install the latest drivers to make it work


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You have 2 options

Great! You Can Run Lumion

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What are the system requirements?

system requirements

How do I reduce render times?

Performance tips

Article: Blast off your Lumion Performance

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