Beautiful Renders within Reach


Lumion empowers architects to create unbelievable renders in seconds.


New in Lumion 8, just press the Styles Button and instantly create a beautiful render from your design. Open the Sky Light daylight simulator, cast finely detailed shadows and watch as your design becomes remarkably photo-realistic.


You’ll be making renders faster than ever, capturing your designs in the best possible light. View more images and videos in our showcase

61 Of the top 100 architect companies in the world are customers of Lumion.

Each year Building Design publishes its list of the Top 100 World Architects. It’s an overview of the world’s biggest architectural firms. As of January 2016, 61 of the WA Top 100 are using Lumion.

"Rendering used to be reserved for a few specialist jobs and making animations was completely unrealistic. Lumion changes all that.”

Mike Bell, Architect, Owner Bellamy's Ltd.

"We are really happy we found Lumion because it helps us realize our vision by bringing projects to life.”

Michael Bryant, Architect, Owner Bryant Design Studios

"Lumion makes anyone feel like an expert”

J.J. Riestra, BIM Director at AECOM

"Lumion is remarkably easy to learn and use. Sometimes software can be frustrating but not with Lumion!”

Erik Varvel, Architectural 3D Modeler at Clark Patterson Lee

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