New Lumion 7 Tutorials

Dec 21, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

Architects the world over are experiencing the wonders that Lumion 7 has to offer since its launch in November. Michael Brightman of Brightman Designs, a well-known Lumion expert and enthusiast, has created a really great set of tutorials showing some of the things you can do with Lumion 7. They are a must-watch for all Lumion 7 users.


Above: Michael Brightman introducing his Lumion 7 tutorials

There are 8 tutorials in the series:

  1. An introduction to Lumion 7 overviewing the main new features
  2. Expedited vegetation by applying the new leaf materials
  3. Create more convincing materials with the ageing/weathering effect
  4. Expanded render option including online sharing
  5. Enhanced transparency and translucency of materials
  6. New lighting objects – area lights and line lights
  7. Context import using Open Street Maps
  8. Concluding remarks about Lumion 7