Tip: Stop the z-buffer fighting! (materials with the jitters)

Oct 6, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

3D animations are now being made by architects, designers and students around the world. The availability of easy-to-use software has transformed their ability to communicate their design ideas. However, most newcomers to 3D tools are not so familiar with the real-time technology that makes all this possible. And that’s a good thing (!) because it allows them to concentrate on designing and leaves the software guys to worry about the programming.

Neverthless, a couple of easy-to-fix artefacts are often visible in renderings, which are typical 3D-rendering type features. One of these is “z-buffer fighting”. It sounds complicated but it basically means that more than one surface occupy the same 3D location. The result is that a kind of fight takes place over that space. 

What the observer sees in a rendered animation is a kind of flickering of the materials involved in the “fight”. It’s distracting for the viewer and should be fixed. Luckily that’s simple to do. Watch the 2 minute video tutorial below to find out how!