New Lumion 9 teaser video and release date revealed!

Oct 15, 2018 | Lumion, Uncategorized

Mark your calendars! Lumion 9 will be available on November 5th, 2018.

Wondering what’s going to be new? Take a close look at this teaser video made in Lumion 9. Anything interesting stand out?

Stay tuned for more information, or visit the countdown clock on the homepage so that you know the moment Lumion 9 hits the market.

Lumion 9. Beautiful Renders within Reach.

Important purchasing information for Lumion 9

Lumion 9 is available on November 5th. But you don’t have to wait to buy it

If you purchase a full, new Lumion license now, you will automatically receive a Lumion 9 download email when it becomes available.

Promotional pricing available for upgrades

Are you still on Lumion 7? Did you recently purchase Lumion 8 in July, August, or September? If so, we may have some special, promotional upgrade prices available just for you. 

Find your upgrade price here.