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Nov 5, 2018 | Lumion, Uncategorized

Real skies. Customizable 3D grasses. Atmospheric rain and snow. See how Lumion 9 can help you create living environments with true beauty, all in a matter of seconds.

Lumion has always set out to define what rendering should be: fast and stress-free with exceptional results. Now, with Lumion 9, you’ll do more than feel the space. You’ll instantly breathe life into your project while capturing realistic environments faster than ever before.

Add the one-touch Real Skies to cast a new light on your scene and instantly create a beautiful, unique setting for your designs. Let realistic rain communicate cozy spaces, which you can now decorate with furry rugs and fluffy blankets. For the true-to-life garden shot, apply the new Customizable 3D Grass materials and you’ll almost feel the freshly cut lawn beneath your feet.


New streamlined scene-building tools help you create complex environments in minutes. Add to the improved workflow, Lumion’s jaw-dropping rendering speed and outstanding images and videos are within your reach, on all your projects. Use Lumion 9 to show the true beauty of your designs and form genuine connections with your clients.

Brief Overview of What’s New

Lumion 9 comes with Real Skies. Select a real sky background and watch as it works together with the updated Sky Light effect to cast a new light on your design, placing it in an evocative context with a stunning backdrop.


New, highly realistic 3D grasses and fur textures heighten the beauty of your designs, stimulating the senses of your audience with details they can easily imagine touching, smelling and hearing. The new Atmospheric Rain and Snow is like a mood-creation toolbox, whether you’re going for peaceful and cozy or the dramatic and suspenseful. Watch the raindrops splash in puddles or the snow building up outside, and unlock the emotions of your client so they can truly feel the intent of your design.

Sky Light 2 and Real Skies (Real Skies are Pro only)

With 39 Real Skies and their pre-configured Sky Light settings in Lumion 9, it takes a single click to give your design a clear blue morning, a stormy afternoon or an unforgettable sunset.

Sky Light 2 and Real Skies are entirely responsive and they work in concert with other scene-building tools and effects. Add a cloudy Real Sky, for instance, and an overcast, muted light is thrown over your design and the rest of the scene. Change the heading of the clouds and watch as shadows stretch and shrink, darken and lighten.


By combining the Real Skies with one of the Styles, you’ll be within reach of an awe-inspiring render in literally seconds. View the Real Skies tutorial here.

Customizable 3D Grasses (Pro only)

From the ornamental garden to the public park, Lumion 9 helps you infuse mind-bending realism into your landscape designs. With the new customizable 3D grass materials and presets, the green spaces in your renders will immediately connect with your audience, providing a sense of location that’ll draw viewers to the front door of your design.


You can also mix and match multiple 3D grasses in the same scene. Wilt and vary the grass in the neighboring field to bring viewers into a more wild environment, and, at the same time, show your design with the picture-perfect suburban lawn you’d find alongside summer barbecues and lemonade stands. View the customizable 3D grasses tutorials.

Atmospheric Rain and Snow (Pro only)

Get in the mood and communicate the feeling of your designs with new Atmospheric Rain and Snow precipitation effects. In Lumion 9, you can quickly create everything from a light drizzle to a full-blown tempest, from a winter flurry to a whiteout blizzard. Watch as interiors take on a cozy mood with the rain falling outside, or infuse your landscape with a sense of peace by making a video with raindrops splashing in puddles on the ground.


The Atmospheric Rain and Snow is located under the Precipitation effect in Photo and Movie mode. View the new Precipitation tutorial here.

LiveSync for Rhino

With the new LiveSync for Rhino in Lumion 9, you can simultaneously model and render, visualizing changes in real-time. Sync camera perspectives and materials while continuing to develop the shape and form of the model, and experience your design in a whole new way as you’re creating it.


LiveSync is only available for Rhino 6. View the LiveSync tutorial here.

And furry materials!

Soft to the touch. Colorful and fluffy. With a new furry material setting in Lumion 9, you can give a soft, comfortable appearance to any wall, floor, ceiling or other surface or textile. 


In seconds, you can create a lifelike rug or carpet, an ultra-comfy fleece blanket or a highly realistic object, such as a teddy bear. 

Lean scene-building workflow

When it comes to forming real connections between the client and your designs, context is critical. For Lumion 9, an intelligent interface with heightened intuitivity enables lightning-fast scene building with exceedingly beautiful context.


Selecting objects now happens on-screen, letting you instantly cycle between trial-and-error options and choose the exact tree, furnishing or another object that’s perfect for your design. After selecting an object, the model is rendered in real-time so that you can correctly review, scale and place objects or groups of objects with greater ease and control.

View the new workflow tutorial.

New video tutorials

Ready to get started with Lumion 9? Below, you can find new Lumion 9 tutorials to help you start using the new features and creating your best renders yet.

  1. Quickstart Tutorial: Welcome to Lumion 9
  2. Lumion 9: New Feature Medley
  3. New User Interface Series: Advanced Options

Living environments. Beautiful spaces. Rendered faster than ever.

With Lumion 9, you’ll be importing a model, creating a scene, and capturing your designs in beautiful, living environments and context.

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