3d Rendering software

Quickly render beautiful images and videos

Lightning fast 3D rendering software

Rendering used to be a slow and tedious process. With Lumion, transforming CAD models into knockout architectural images or videos can take just minutes.

Lumion is fast 3D rendering software designed to breathe life into your CAD designs with realistic landscapes.

Whether you are rendering residential buildings, interiors, landscapes, or urban spaces, you can quickly build a scene, add textured materials and objects, apply some stunning effects, and render a beautiful result faster than anything else out there. Rendering a breathtaking image can take just seconds!

Lumion also raises the bar on the speed and ease when you’re building context around your model. Features like LiveSync enable simultaneous, real-time rendering with popular modeling programs including Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD and Rhino.

“Lumion changed the way I tackle visualization. It’s now easier to start rendering
from the very beginning of the design process and use [the renders] to make design decisions.”
Martin Chavanne

Project Designer , 3d Visualization Studio at Cline Design Associates

Sophisticated rendering software built for architects

Lumion is visualization software for architects that enables ultra-fast rendering. In minutes, you’ll be able to quickly render breathtaking images to show to your clients. This allows you to spend more time improving your designs and interacting with your clients, and less time preparing and waiting for renders.

You can also breathe life into any Lumion project by adding an environment, materials, lighting, objects, foliage and compelling effects. Whether for photorealism or something a little more conceptual, you’ll find tools, features and a huge content library to pull clients through the front door of your designs and feel the space. Lumion is easy to master and easy to use, so creating impressive visualizations is no longer exclusively for 3D experts.

Lumion fits perfectly into your existing rendering workflows, helping you transform 3D CAD designs into beautiful videos, images and online, 360 panoramas. Seamless interoperability with virtually any CAD package caters for fast design iterations and model changes.

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How Lumion helps architects, designers and more

1. Fast 3d rendering

Everything in Lumion is designed to save you time. This means you can set up a visualization in just a few minutes and make fast alterations as you go. Quickly build context around your project with fully featured terrains, forested and urban settings, interior and exterior furnishings and thousands of objects in Lumion’s large content library. End results are rendered using GPU rendering technology, creating images in seconds and movies  in a fraction of the time required by other solutions.

2. Massive visualizations

Backed by our proprietary 3D rendering technology, Lumion can handle large models or large areas without dampening your editing experience. Effortlessly, you can edit large areas and literally add tens of thousands of trees, plants or buildings. We get a lot of feedback from users that Lumion currently is the only software in the world which allows you to seamlessly edit and render such large areas. We’ve even had examples of whole towns visualized in Lumion!

3. Do new things with visualization

Traditionally, visualization comes with many restrictions. Rendering takes a long time and software is almost always complex. Lumion completely turns this on its head by providing tools anybody can use.

No training in graphics is required. Editing and rendering are almost instantaneous, opening new doors for your business to use the possibilities that immersive visualization offers. For example, you can customize a video on the spot, set up a real-time link between SketchUp or Revit and Lumion, and immediately furnish your work with a photorealistic or artistic feel.

4. Large object and foliage library

Fast 3D rendering is just one of the things needed for getting effective results. To create wonderful visualizations showing off your project, you also need beautiful skies, water, grass, materials, plants, people, trees and many other objects. Lumion includes a huge content library with tools, materials and artistic effects. Everything is perfectly integrated so you can immediately add trees, people and other content, and in an instant, you’ll be breathing life, lighting and atmosphere into your visualizations.

5. You can do it yourself!

Lumion enables anyone to create movies and images without any prior training. It’s a functional tool designed to help architects and designers like yourself make beautiful 3D renderings. You won’t need to outsource visualizations, and Lumion will save you time and money. All you need is a 3D model and Lumion will take care of the rest.

Lumion fits perfectly into your 3D rendering workflow

Your 3D designs are in good hands.
Lumion offers flawless importing from all major CAD design software programs, such as Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp.