What is 3D software?

Lumion is 3D rendering software to help architects bring designs to life

Empowering architects and designers to create beautiful renders

As an architect, you’re trained to experience design in a truly immersive and incredible way. Something as flat as a 2D floor plan can exist in your mind as a lively, fully colored and detailed scene. You can feel the space around you: the sensation of flow through a room, the mood influenced by the wall and floor materials, the light in the evening.

With the help of 3D software like Lumion, you can communicate the essence of your design ideas, exactly as you experience them in your mind.

All you need is a 3D model of your design (which you can make in most CAD software programs, such as Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD and others), and Lumion can help you bring it to life.
Lumion conveys the beauty of your design by unveiling it in its full, detail-rich context, complete with shadows, lighting, rich and animated entourage, and all the other benefits of a Lumion environment.

And the best part — you can learn how to create beautiful renders with Lumion in less than 15 minutes. No formal training required.

Rendering is like having a digital SLR camera with all the different buttons to help you get a better photograph; Lumion is like turning it to auto mode and pressing “snap” to instantly get a nice picture. 

Prof. Matthew C. Nicholls, University of Reading

Sophisticated 3D software made especially for architects

With Lumion, creating beautiful renders is now within your reach. No more long days of struggling with complicated settings to produce a good-looking result. No more waiting for hours for your designs to finish rendering. Lumion empowers you to express your vision as an image, video or 360 panorama, and it renders the results faster than most other 3D rendering programs out there.

Lumion is designed to be effortless, transparent and stress-free. Backed by more than 10 years of development, Lumion comes complete with everything you need for placing your design in its local context. You can dress a model with materials. Furnish interiors and exteriors. Apply lighting and shadow. If you can envision it, you can create it in Lumion. No need for plugins or add-ons.

Simply import your model, apply materials and create a setting with people, trees, cars, furniture and other context. A single click gives your project a mesmerizing sky. Make it rain or cover the ground in snow. Place a building in the mountains. Show a house on the oceanfront. Lumion makes it easy to show your design in its future setting and communicate the vision behind your project.

Lumion helps architects in their daily professional routines by easing workflows and supporting communications with customers and colleagues. With a philosophy of seamless integration at its core, Lumion works with all major CAD modeling programs and it supports all relevant file formats. As a result, Lumion reduces the amount of effort on your end to create outstanding results.

Beautiful renders within reach.

Show the beauty of your building, interior or landscape design

1. Import a model of your design

Lumion is compatible with all major 3D modeling file types and CAD software programs. This means that no matter what software you use to build your 3D models, you can instantly and easily import it directly into Lumion.

Lumion also comes with its real-time rendering plugin called ‘LiveSync’. With Lumion LiveSync, you can create a real-time connection between several 3D modeling programs and Lumion. With this connection, you can work on your 3D model while simultaneously visualizing it in Lumion’s breathtaking, fully detailed environments. As a result, you can always see how your design choices will look in the project’s context.

2. Easily build a scene around your design

Context is crucial when communicating architectural designs. Fortunately, no matter the setting for your project, Lumion makes it easy to create mountains, hills, lakes, rivers and any other type of environment.

When placing objects or applying materials, you can quickly search through the massive content library and customize the look, placement, scale and other elements of the objects and materials.

Fast 3D rendering to create images, videos and 360 panoramas

After importing your model and creating a scene around your design, the final step is to render. With Lumion, you can render images in minutes and videos in a few short hours.

If you need to modify the model during the design development phase, you can quickly render dozens of images to help make the right decision. If you need a new image or video for the upcoming presentation, you can rely on Lumion to get you an outstanding result faster than ever before.

Lumion is fully compatible with and has LiveSync plug-ins for

Lumion is fully compatible with many other 3D modeling programs, such as

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