Tip: Use MyLumion to present 360 panoramas on phones, tablets and computers

May 24, 2016 | Lumion, Uncategorized

Sharing your work with your clients is crucial to fast and effective communication. The short video below demonstrates how MyLumion makes this easy. My Lumion is available with the Standard and the Pro versions of Lumion.

How to create a MyLumion 360 panorama

Do you have Lumion 5.7 or a later version? If yes, you can start using MyLumion today. The tutorial below shows how you can create your own 360 panorama from an example project in minutes.

MyLumion is currently in Beta. You may use it ‘as is’ and for free and upload up to 10 projects per seat on your license. 

Manage MyLumion projects
Once uploaded you can manage your projects in the MyLumion portal. The tutorial below shows how this works.

View the showcase for some example projects made with MyLumion.

Case Study
Michael Brightman of Brightman Designs explores how MyLumion is a giant leap forward for your workflow when compared with other methods of rendering and sharing SketchUp 3D models.