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Description Lumion Lumion Pro
Floating licenses
Hyperlight® 2 in Photo Mode
Speedray™ Reflections
Foliage for materials
OpenStreetMap import
Model library 1229 models
View library
3666 models
View library
High quality animated 3D people from aXYZ Design Only Standard Models 119 Extra Models
Ambient Sound Effects No Sound Effects 123 Sound Effects
In-scene 3D Text effect
Area/Line lights
Advanced 3D Title Effects
No Title effect • 27 Title effects
• 12 built-in fonts
• Support for custom fonts
Merge project files (for projects with multiple users)
Output to real-time fly-through via Lumion Viewer
Output of background music/sound in MP4

Exclusive in Lumion Pro


With the unique ability to transform simple shapes into realistic foliage, customized leafy hedges can be made of any shape and size you can imagine. Add creeping ivy (and other climbing plants) along entire surfaces like walls or statues. Or add a simple touch of green on the ground. Whether you need to cover whole walls with one of Lumion 7’s nine climbing plant presets, or you’re adding a dash of leafiness to existing materials, you’ll breathe new life into your design.

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OpenStreetMap (Beta Functionality)

Put your models on the map with OpenStreetMap. This functionality allows you to directly pick a location anywhere on Earth. Lumion then generates corresponding 3D maps by importing 2D data from the OpenStreetMap database.

Area Light and Light Strip

The new area light and light strip provide a broad range of exciting possibilities, allowing you to enhance both interiors and exteriors with lights that go beyond the simple spotlight. Within seconds, you can throw in some cove lighting, add warmth to a room with the subtle lighting of a surface, or simulate daylight shining through a window, all to help clients fully step into the world you’ve created.


Glass is widely used in architecture and good visualizations require that it is rendered accurately. Glass rendering in Lumion Pro 6 has taken a giant leap forward. The PureGlass® technology gives you access to transparent, translucent or frosted glass that looks more compelling and realistic than ever.

Speedray™ Reflections

Without good reflections it is impossible to create good looking glass, water, marble, wood or metal surfaces. Materials come to life with realistic reflections. Speedray™ Reflections offer the opportunity to massively improve image quality with little extra render time. In Lumion Pro 6 reflective surfaces are automatically improved at the flick of a switch.

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Hyperlight® 2

Subtle light variations often make the difference between a natural image and an artificial one. In real life the color of materials is the result of the complex way light bounces between surfaces. Hyperlight® 2 calculates the light on surfaces eight times more accurately compared with Hyperlight®, a new technology first introduced in Lumion Pro 5. In Lumion Pro 6, additional light is scattered over long distances and extra detail is visible at short distances.

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High quality people models

Lumion Pro continues to expand its already huge content library with more high quality animated 3D people from aXYZ Design. In Lumion Pro 7, 39 animated 3D people take on new poses, like sitting or walking.

Extra plant and tree models

Lumion pro features almost 3 times as many trees and plant models. The extended model library includes more species and extra variations on species you get in the standard library.

Merge scenes

A great tool for collaboration is the ability to merge content from a scene file with your current scene. This feature is essential for people working in teams because it allows you to work on a single scene with multiple people.

Text effect

Add text overlays and logos to your videos. Lumion pro includes several transition effects which eliminate the need to add texts to you movie  with additional movie editing software. Another benefit of the built-in text feature is the ability to place text in 3D. This allows you to place 3D text balloons in your scene that automatically fade in when the camera comes closer.

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