Step inside your designs

With Lumion it's easy to render and share immersive 360 panoramas of your designs

MyLumion – A more interactive way to experience your designs

MyLumion gives you full creative control over what your client sees, while still allowing plenty of freedom and flexibility to look around and experience each project up close.

How it works

Simply click the panorama button to enter Panorama Mode. From here you can render 360 panoramas and upload them directly to MyLumion.

You will automatically receive an email with a link to view and share the result with clients or colleagues.

Fit for every screen

A link to MyLumion works on any browser or device, making it easy to share your work faster.

You can explore projects in full screen and rotate your viewpoint in every direction.

Get inspired

Explore some 360 panoramas created by the community.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to render a panorama?

The render time depends on the number of viewpoints. The render time is about the same as rendering 18 stills or ~0.5 seconds of video in Lumion.

The absolute render time depends on the complexity of the scene and the speed of the workstation, but a typical render of 10 viewpoints takes about 5 to 10 minutes on an average workstation.

What are the requirements?

To view the results online you need a browser that supports WebGL and Java-script. In general, this should include most modern browsers on both desktop and mobile devices. More info here.

To create a panorama on MyLumion, you need to use Lumion or Lumion Pro. The minimum requirements are listed on this page.

Are there any extra costs involved?

No. MyLumion is free to use. This means anyone with a valid license for Lumion can directly upload their panoramas to MyLumion and share them via a link.

To view licensing options for Lumion, please check out this page.

What is MyLumion?

MyLumion is a website where you can upload 360 panoramas made in Lumion.

A 360 panorama is different from movies and videos because people can look around. It is a kind of ‘Google Street View’ for your own designs. Viewers can pick a position in the scene and view a building, a park or any other location from that position.

Can anybody view my 360 panorama?

To view a 360 panorama, you will need a special web link. This link contains a long random code which is nearly impossible to guess.

This means that if you provide someone with the link, then they can view the panorama. Without the link, it is highly unlikely, though not impossible, that someone will be able to guess the web link of your panorama.

Can I use MyLumion commercially?

MyLumion is currently undergoing beta testing. This means you can use the service ‘as is’.

You can already send your clients a link but please be aware that the service might be interrupted or we might change elements. We are dedicated to keeping everything running smoothly but please understand that the site is still undergoing testing.

Any limitations I should know?

The current beta version has the following limitations:

  • Max 10 viewpoints per panorama
  • Max 10 panoramas per Lumion license
  • No password protection

When you exceed the limit of 10 panoramas per Lumion license, you are required to make room for any new project you want to upload.

Are there any apps to view MyLumion panoramas on a tablet or phone?

Currently there is no dedicated app to view project. We have focused on making MyLumion compatible with mobile browsers instead of an app.

* Model design in the header image by Adam Ingram (Ark Visuals).