Lumion for 3ds Max

Breathe life into your Autodesk 3ds Max renderings

Lumion compatibility for 3ds Max architectural designs

Autodesk 3ds Max is a powerful 3D modeling and rendering program used extensively for design visualization and production-level animations. As a result, many architects and other visualization artists enjoy using 3ds Max for its comprehensive array of features as well as its ability to make complex character and object animations.

When it comes to creating beautiful renderings of your 3ds Max designs, Lumion makes it easy to bring them life and quickly create professional images, videos and 360 panoramas. There’s no formal training needed, as Lumion turns the process of render-making into a fast, enjoyable experience.

“During design development, we’re using Lumion as a tool to convey to clients the emotion and feeling about their project, and how it will enhance their lives.”

Stephen Eich

Urban Studio Director, Hollander Design

Breathe life and beauty into your designs

If you use 3ds Max for your 3D modeling, you’ll find that Lumion is the idyllic, stress-free rendering companion.

Not only can you build a richly detailed setting for your design with environment, materials, lighting, objects, foliage and compelling effects, but the entire process is designed to be easy, reducing the amount of effort on your end to capture your vision and create an eye-catching image, video or 360 panorama.

For client meetings, internal design reviews and more, Lumion allows you to spend more time improving your designs and interacting with your clients, and less time preparing and waiting for renders.

And unlike other rendering programs, Lumion opens up your creative process and helps you infuse your design with emotion and the chaotic unpredictability of life. With Lumion, it only takes a few moments to see how the sunlight flows into your living room design, or how the color and texture of the house’s exterior walls affect its connection with nature.

You can try out architectural concepts for a commercial building’s roof and get an informed opinion from the client, or experience what your landscape design will look like on a rainy morning, or an office building on a clear night.

Watch the tutorial above to learn more about using Lumion!

How to import your 3ds Max project

The path from 3ds Max to Lumion is smooth and short, as Lumion’s widespread compatibility lets you import many different file formats. To enjoy a frictionless experience, however, we recommend that you export your design from 3ds Max in the .FBX file format.

You can also export your 3ds Max model in the .MAX file format. Keep in mind that, for Lumion to import the .MAX file type, you’ll need 3ds Max installed on your computer.

To learn more about importing 3ds Max files, you can watch the video on the right or visit our Knowledge Base article on this topic.

Tips & Troubleshooting

Did you know that you can reduce the size of your 3ds Max model to allow for faster and smoother performance in Lumion? Or import animated models to create jaw-dropping videos?

Whether you’re creating a simple image to present to the client or a massive, Hollywood-style video that’ll be the face of your new design, you can find helpful information about rendering with Lumion on the Knowledge Base or through the Lumion Community.