Lumion for Allplan

Instantly transform your Allplan projects into atmospheric, lifelike renders

Compatibility and real-time rendering for Allplan

ALLPLAN is a global provider of BIM design software for the AEC industry with architectural solutions for achieving precise design and construction drawings.

With the addition of Lumion’s complete compatibility and real-time LiveSync functionality, it’s possible to create an instantaneous, time-saving workflow between your Allplan project and Lumion. View design changes, immediately, in Lumion’s detail-rich and lifelike world full of trees, people, textures, background context and photorealistic lighting.

Sync the cameras between Allplan and Lumion for easy design reviews.

No rendering experience is required. Lumion is extremely intuitive and enjoyable to work with, allowing you to visualize your Allplan models with a striking level of beauty and photorealism.

With Lumion, you can model as you render, render as you model, and save time every step of the way! 

“With Lumion, we can finally show clients not only what the place is going to look like, but also what it will feel like.”
John Goldwyn,

Vice President at WATG

How to set up your Allplan-Lumion connection

There are basically two ways to set up a fluid, reliable workflow between your Allplan project and Lumion. 

Because of Lumion’s sweeping compatibility, you can simply export a 3D model from Allplan and then import that model into Lumion. When you make changes to the model in Allplan, you can simply hit the re-import button for seamless feedback and revision. Read here for the full import guidelines for Allplan

The other option is to set up a real-time connection using Lumion LiveSync.

With Lumion LiveSync for Allplan, you can visualize model changes instantly, explore your material choices with a lifelike level of photorealism, and even sync the camera views between both programs for easy design reviews. Learn more about setting up LiveSync for Allplan here.

Visualize form. Communicate emotion.

There are many benefits of rendering with Lumion. Here are just a few:

✓  Easily recreate the project’s real-life context.

✓  Discover the largest built-in library of strikingly detailed nature items, furniture, decorations, people and materials.

✓  Make all your building materials look and feel real with custom surface decals, weathering, edges and more.

✓  View your design choices under beautifully accurate lighting and atmospheric conditions.

✓  Enjoy a fast, intuitive and reliable workflow that saves time at any phase of the design’s development.

You can try Lumion with your own Allplan projects by signing up for the 14-day free trial.

How does Lumion rendering software work?

Build a lifelike setting

Lumion makes it easy to show your design in its future setting and communicate the vision behind your project. Simple tools make it easy to sculpt the real-life landscape around your design. You can add objects to create a setting with people, trees, cars, furniture and other context. Place a building in the mountains. Show a house on the oceanfront. Anything you can imagine, you can create in Lumion.

Capture the perfect mood

Lumion also comes with dozens of powerful yet intuitive visualization effects. A single click gives your project a mesmerizing sky. Make it rain or cover the ground in snow with the movement of a slider. You can even find a wide range of easy-to-use animation effects, allowing you to easily create architectural videos as part of your portfolio of services.

Render faster than ever before

Most architects have a keen eye for detail and quality. Lumion features cutting-edge rendering technology to help you create images and videos in a short amount of time. Whether for your internal design reviews or the big presentation with the client, Lumion allows you to render multiple images in an instant, from your desktop PC or even your laptop. Even at the last minute, Lumion is your go-to visualization tool when you need results. 

*Model design by Marco Caccini

Tips & Troubleshooting

With dozens of visual effects in Lumion, it takes just a few clicks to see how your design looks and feels on a rainy day, during a spectacular sunset or when surrounded by other buildings.

You can learn more about Lumion effects, features and rendering tips and techniques by heading to the Lumion Knowledge Base.

*Model design in the header image by Ten Over Studio.