Thank you for verifying your student status!

Thank you for applying for Lumion Pro Student!

Your documentation is currently being checked by SheerID.
As soon as your student status is confirmed, we will send you an email with instructions on how to download
your Lumion Pro Student version. In the meantime, learn more about Lumion with these expert video tutorials.

“Students have given me feedback
that they love Lumion
because it is so easy to use.”

Project Architect, Instructor

“Lumion really easily gets your point across
and beautiful as well.”


“It is really quick, that’s what is really
good about it.”


The student version creates images with a small watermark

Terms and conditions of the individual student version

Below are specific terms and conditions that apply to free licenses given to individual students in the U.S.
The EULA summarizes the general conditions as well as the special conditions for the individual student version of license usage.
The EULA can be found here.

Us student version restrictions

  • LS9S file cannot be saved or loaded in a commercial version of Lumion, and vice versa.
  • Contains a small watermark.
  • You are eligible for a US student license if you are resident in the US and are a full-time student of a post-secondary US
    educational establishment.
  • The Lumion Pro Student license is valid for 365 days. Renewal must be applied for online via the website,
    with appropriate proof of valid student status.
  • Act-3D reserves the right to invalidate any individual student license at any moment on suspicion that any of the criteria
    in the terms and conditions are not being complied with.
  • It is not possible to transfer projects from older Lumion student versions to Lumion Pro Student. Please finish your projects in the older versions before applying for latest version of Lumion Pro Student.