Upgrade Policy

Commercial licenses

Act-3D delivers updates. These can be minor or major. A customer can upgrade from their version of Lumion to the latest update version of Lumion.

Minor and major updates are indicated in the version number of Lumion. The digits before the point indicate the major version and digits after the point indicate the minor version.


Example 1: Version 4.5 is major version 4 (before the point) and minor version 5 (after the point).

Example 2: Version 4.0.3 is major version 4 (before the first point) and minor version 0.3 (after the first point)


There are two sorts of update:

1. Minor updates

These provide relatively small fixes and minor feature additions. There is no cost to the customer for these. These updates are issued at any frequency, completely dependent on the decision of Act-3D b.v..

2. Major Updates

These provide significant additional functionalities and occur typically once per year, though this is not guaranteed. Upgrading between major versions requires an upgrade fee.


There are two commercial purchase models available to customers *:

1. Purchase and subsequently independently purchase major version upgrades when they become available.


2. Subscription through a Lumion regional sales partner (*not available in all countries)

The details of the subscription agreement are contained with a specific contract document used for the agreement between customer and sales partner, in those regions where Lumion subscriptions are possible.


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